Enquiries List
The site has now been updated to make it easier for you to enquire about images you may be interested in.

As you view individual images from galleries, you should notice some new buttons at the top of the image (highlighted in the examples below)...


these are the buttons that control your personal enquiries list.
Clicking on the will add that particular image to your enquiry list.
Clicking on the will remove that particular image from your enquiry list.
Clicking on the will show you your enquiry list.
Hovering your pointer over the button will also show you how many images you are currently tracking.

You may also notice the button in the bottom left corner when viewing galleries and other pages.
This is there to remind you that you have images in your enquiry list, and clicking the button will take you to your enquiry list.

When you view your enquiry list, you have the option to remove individual images from the list, clear the list entirely or to email the enquiry to us. You'll also find another button there that will quickly take you to the gallery from which the image originated.
This tracking facility will allow you to track up to 15 images, however the list is only maintained for as long as you have your internet browser open. Close your browser and the list will be automatically reset!

For the enquiry list to function, your browser must be configured to accept cookies from www.devilgas.com
You'll soon find out if your computer is set to accept our cookie on clicking the button.

The advantage to using the personal enquiry list is that you can instantly see which images you're interested in and we can also see the same detail! As we take 10's of thousands of images each year, this will significantly simplify the enquiry process.

Your feedback on this facility is very much encouraged.
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